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Teaching Culinary Arts 

Over the past 4 years I have had the opportunity to develop an innovative and comprehensive culinary arts program for talented and motivated high school students.


Each class I  teach gives me the opportunity to share my passion for food while teaching students to be self-sufficient and independent thinkers in the kitchen.

​Teaching art in and of itself is an art.


It is so rewarding helping students become artists and find their creative voice. 

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I’m Frank La Mendola, designer, artist and culinary arts instructor. A native to New Jersey, and an avid designer, gardener, and cook;  thanks to a lifelong passion for art, nature, and food!

This blog is where I get to share all of my design, gardening and culinary creations!

After studying fashion and design, I spent over three decades designing handbags in New York City, where I resided for several years, while traveling the globe for business.

A few years ago, after moving back to New Jersey, I decided to follow my other passions  which are gardening, cooking and baking, and then began teaching Culinary Arts at a private all girls’ high school in Northern New Jersey. 

Sharing behind the scenes and how to instruction for everything that takes place in the kitchen and garden, allows me  to create content for Celebrate 365,  which is the perfect mix and use of my professional background as an artist, designer and teacher.

Whether I'm  growing vegetables or trying out new recipes, sharing these experiences with family, friends and followers, is incredibly satisfying... and  why I started blogging.  

                Grading students work one bite at a time!

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​Teaching the joy and art of gardening and floral design allows me to share some simple techniques that can be used to create a plethora of designs. 

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