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Gingerbread House 2020 - Video 


Making Gingerbread 

One tradition that I began only a few years back is creating  gingerbread houses from scratch.  Every year I look forward to coming up with new ideas,  which most of the years have been design, baking, and decorating challenges.  

" Christmas is my favorite time of year!"

Gingerbread House 2019 - Video 

Gingerbread House 2018 - Video 

This is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love holiday gatherings, the holiday décor, the energy that surrounds us ... even the hustle and bustle. ( sometimes ) and the time spent with family and friends.


November has always been a favorite month of mine.  Yes, it's my birthday month, but it is also the start of the most joyous time of year. [in my opinion] 


The entire month of November, I look forward to celebrating Christmas and New Year's, which is when I begin planning the holiday meals,  baked goods and decorating projects. 


I love putting up all the Christmas decorations around the house, both indoors and outdoors. It has been something I started at a very early age and it just stuck.


I also love Christmas shopping. I love to give gifts, and over the years I have usually put entirely too much thought into gift buying and gift giving. So I started a new tradition which is  baking and giving baked goods as gifts. Believe it or not is much less stressful that hitting the malls or even shopping online. 

The best part of celebrating the holidays are traditions that we follow year after year. and the idea that we can start our own traditions. 


It would be great  to hear from all of you... What are some of your favorite holiday traditions? What do you look most forward to?  What is your favorite part of the entire holiday season?

Gingerbread House 2017 - Video 


 A symbol of Abundance & Nourishment 

Thanksgiving is one of my all time favorite holidays. It kicks of the holiday season, and it gives me the opportunity to plan and prepare for the big day!  Which means lots of family, and celebrating and food and fun for most of us! 

This all-American holiday  comes along in late fall every year drawing us together in a collective spirit of gratitude! Each year I try to come up with creative ideas that are beautiful to look at as well as delicious to eat, giving my family and friends the chance to celebrate each Thanksgiving in style.  


Here’s an old time favorite of mine ... A cornucopia fruit and cheese display. Simple to make and useful to serve fruit and cheese, crudités, or even just fruits and fresh flowers.


This makes a stunning colorful centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table. Just think about what a great hostess gift this would make! 

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