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Hand-Painted Peter Rabbit Cookies

Painting on fondant really does have limitless possibilities – it is just like painting on a blank canvas.

This is one reason why I love creating hand- painted cakes and cookies so much, because of how each piece I create can be personalized.

Most of my inspiration comes from nature, but with spring soon upon us. I looked at

Beatrix Potter, the English writer, illustrator, natural scientist, and conservationist; best known for her children's books featuring the adorable animals, in The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Having a background as an illustrator with a focus on watercolor, I am continually inspired by the endless possibilities of what to paint. With a variety of medium-grade paint brushes, i paint using gel-paste food coloring and vodka (I prefer using Everclear) to thin it down. I also use a food-safe pencil to trace my designs first, and a food safe super thin marker to outline the illustrations all available at Cookie Connections.

These cookies are perfect for children's birthdays, baby showers and of course Easter.

For more information about pricing and order placement, please contact me

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