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KitchenAid Pro Line

This is the largest, most powerful, but quietest KitchenAid stand mixer available. It's an essential appliance for making breads, cakes, cookies and frostings. 


The generous seven-quart-capacity mixer has commercial-grade, high-performance features for efficiency and high quality results every time you use it.


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John Boos Maple Butcher Block

Perhaps the most important aspect of any butcher block is its sturdiness and dependability, the last thing you want to have happen is to be preparing your meals on a flimsy cutting board that can break in half, dull and damage your knifes, and potentially contaminate your food. 

Ateco Stainless Bench Scraper 

I use mine whenever I cook and bake. It's very handy to use to cut dough into portions. When cooking it's great to push or scoop up ingredients off a cutting board into a bowl or pan, and can even be used to chop or crush soft foods. I even use it to smooth out crumb coating finishes, and when applying a smooth frosting. Plus it's edge has units of  measure  which comes in very handy when decorating cakes. 

Apple Peeler / Corer / Fruit Tool 

Even in today's high-tech world, there's nothing better or faster for peeling,         '           slicing and coring apples than this old- fashioned tool. Supper handy especially when making French apple tarts or pies. Perfectly peels cores and thinly slices apples in seconds. Can be used to peel and perfectly slice potatoes. Perfect when making casseroles 

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My Favorite Things 

This page features my  favorite appliances, tools and gadgets that I use in the kitchen. I have also included links where to purchase them, so you can think of me as your personal shopper :) 


If your serious about cooking and baking, the right assortment of kitchen tools are very important, It can reduce preparation time and also improve the flavor, texture, and presentation of the food you are preparing.


Investing in quality tools will definitely perform better and seldom need replacing: think stainless-steel measuring cups with long handles, silicone basting brushes, and lots of wooden kitchen tools! 


My motto is to choose wisely now, and add new tools only when you are sure you need them. More than likely, you will also have chosen well for later.


3 Piece Stainless Steel Strainers

These are multi useful must haves in the kitchen. Perfect for all strainer, colander, sifter and sieve needs – pasta, rice, tea, fruit, vegetable, tomato, spaghetti strainer. Great when baking and used for sifting dry ingredients.  

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Cake Decorating Turntable 

Decorating a cake is easier with this turntable from Ateco, a sleek pedestal that's perfect for cake decorating. The turntable has ball bearing which smoothly turns with the slight touch. 


Lindenriver Hand- Juicer 

This is the perfect kitchen tool to get healthy juices. Works well on apples, oranges, lemons and limes. This tool can squeeze them all with maximum results. 

It's Ideal for any kitchen or bar tool.

Makes cocktails out of fresh, not canned juice - you'll notice the difference!

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Le Creuset Signature Dutch Oven

Designed to enhance slow-cooking by heating evenly, this Dutch oven locks in moisture for tender, succulent dishes.


​The signature light sand color makes it easy to monitor food while cooking, ensuring less sticking and burning.

​Can be used on stove top and also can be used in the oven. 


It's dishwasher safe for fast, convenient cleanup.​

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