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The Hand-Painted Cake

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

This past summer after working with my friend Tammy, @theartofcake a renowned baker, cake decorator and great mentor, I discovered that there's a lot more to cake decorating than using buttercream and fondant.

The classic, tiered cake covered in perfectly smooth sugar paste has been trendy for a while, but after working with fondant as a cover and pliable material to decorate cakes, I began to consider these perfectly smooth matte surfaces as blank slates, rather than a finished product.

Being an artist, who loves to bake, I have always been inspired by the cutting-edge cake decorators, and the latest trends they introduce. So I thought that taking my experience and ability as an artist and applying it to cake decorating, I discovered hand-painted cakes, which I think are incredibly unique and gorgeous!

Each cake is detailed entirely by hand and these colorful desserts prove that fondant is just another name for a fresh canvas.

I love the contrast and richness that a chocolate base gives to these vibrant flowers
The first step is to map out the design and composition on tracing paper.
I really wanted the flowers to pop so I gave it an undercoat of while food coloring .
I really love this painting technique especially when painting hydrangeas>
It is amazing how food coloring can be used as paint.
I love the simplicity and elegance you can achieve .
Perfect for birthday or bridal events.

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